WATCH: BLP Reporter Assaulted, Detained By Police at UNC Antifa Riot

Thursday night, Big League Politics had staff on the ground to continue its ongoing coverage of the violent Antifa rallies at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

While the mainstream local news stayed 100 yards away from the action, eating granola bars, drinking Gatorade and fixing their hair, our reporters were in the thick of the violence filming feral Antifa members as they hurled slurs at police and assaulted anyone politically right of Stalin.

Here is a recap of what happened to this reporter:

After a couple of hours of filming and interviewing many far-left radicals, including an openly marxist UNC professor and a man who knew our names and threatened to kill us and our families, myself and a colleague left the Silent Sam monument to re-group and charge our devices.

We returned the scene about 45 minutes later, as police had just finished releasing tear gas on an increasingly violent crowd.

Soon we were encircled by violent thugs screaming “F*ck Big League Politics,” who continuously told us that we – as reporters – were not welcome to film there. When we refused to leave, the assaults began.

First, my phone, which I was using to record, was grabbed and along with my forearms, shoved into my face. I told the assailant not to touch me, and turned away as my phone smacked out of my hand by another rioter. As a colleague picked it up, I was shoved by multiple members of the crowd. My phone was handed back to me, and I continued filming, at which point it was slapped out of my hand again, and simultaneously I received a blow to the head from a man who, after reviewing the video, was the same one threatening our lives from earlier.

As I picked my phone up off the ground, police finally charged in to stop the violence – but not arrest Antifa members. Instead, they grabbed me and hauled me into an academic building close by, with a mob of Antifa rioters following, as well as press swarming for photographs.

Inside the building, occupied by about 20 UNC Police Officers and at least 20 more paramilitary State Troopers in full riot gear with machine guns in tow, I was shoved against a wall, legs and arms spread, and was searched. I was placed in handcuffs while my backpack was searched. I was silent through this part of the ordeal.

Finally, the police asked me what I was doing, and I told them I was a reporter. Arresting a reporter – particularly a conservative one – while violent leftist thugs are rioting outside is not a good optic. Realizing this, the police stopped accosting me and started listening. I was un-cuffed as they checked my identification, verified that I was a reporter, and took a statement as I described the assaults above.

Soon, I was free to go.

To give credit to the UNC Police in what was surely a difficult situation, they handled it well after they understood that I was there doing my job, and not to cause trouble.

We are in the process of working with them to identify not only the rabid leftists who assaulted me, but those who committed violence against others, too.

The black bloc members were led by regional Antifa leaders who are professional anarchists, including Kathleen Collier Reeves, Sam Carey and Elizabeth Schroder. Josh Mascharka, who committed violence at Charlottesville, and is one of the most violent members of the group was present as well. All of them train with their ever-petulant leader, Dwayne Dixon, a UNC professor who was not present Thursday night. Dixon chased James Fields with a rifle in Charlottesville, which he has openly bragged about, just before Fields hit and killed Heather Heyer with his vehicle.

WATCH the raw footage from inside the mob here:

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