WATCH: Border Patrol Catches 654 Illegal Aliens In Two Days

Border Patrol Captures 600 Illegals

Without a wall to stop illegal crossings, U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended 654 illegal aliens in one location in just two days.

Arizona Border Patrol apprehended over 650 illegal immigrants on Monday and Tuesday of this week who illegally crossed from Mexico into the United States by wading through the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona.

According to the press release written by the federal agency, the immigrants are mostly from the Central American country of Guatemala, and they are not part of the caravan with over 7,000 migrants still making its way to the United States.

Underscoring the importance of President Donald Trump’s border wall, the report notes that the area has become a hotbed for illegal crossings due to its “outdated border wall infrastructure.”

Far from resisting apprehension or attempting to slip into the country unnoticed, the lawbreakers “waded across the river” then immediately walked to the nearest law enforcement and “surrendered to agents after walking around vehicle barriers.”

Government statistics reveal that illegal immigrant apprehension is skyrocketing, likely due to increased numbers of illegal crossings motivated by President Trump’s booming economy. The Department of Homeland Security reports that illegal immigrant apprehensions in the Yuma, Arizona area are up 150 percent over last year’s numbers. Last year saw more than a 200 percent increase over the previous year.

The lack of border security in the Yuma area has made it a popular destination for illegal immigrants to cross to the United States on foot. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the area only features obstacles that would prevent vehicles from crossing illegally, allowing pedestrians to cross unmolested and then gamble their odds with the court system after they are arrested in the United States.

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