WATCH: California Principal Calls Police On 4-Year-Old Boy For Not Wearing Mask

There are plenty of reasons for why American families are less confident about the public school system. And today’s story is a perfect example.

In California, a principal called the police on a 4-year old son for refusing to wear a mask when he was dropped off for school. The young boy and his father were escorted off property grounds by law-enforcement – WATCH:

“I’m sorry, he’s not able to come in unless he has his mask on,” Mountain View School District principal Michelle Williams said on camera. “I welcome him here, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; I want him here, but it is our district’s policy that students have to wear a mask.”

“He is a lovely child. We are here to support and serve him,” she added. “I am here to serve all our students on our campus. I cannot keep spending time on this same issue. I’m going to have to have you removed from campus if you do not leave at this time.”

Interestingly, the police in the video empathized the father. But still stated that his role was to enforce the rules of the school.

“I can’t say what they are doing is wrong; I can’t say what you are doing is wrong. Both sides have valid points,” the officer said. “For me, I just have to ensure on the campus as a whole that kids get their education.”

He added: “You seem like a good dude, you seem like a good father.”

It’s worth noting that Mountain View School District would change its mask policy on Friday, just one day after the incident to better reflect the new guidelines from the CDC. 

Still, many are seeing just how bogus this whole spectacle was.

One of the biggest concerns moms and dads have about the American public school system nowadays is how parental rights or opinions are being ignored. 

As the boy’s father would say regarding the school district’s mask policy, “ultimately what we are trying to do is get parental choice or parental opt out.”

“I do have a medical background, I’ve worked extensively in the healthcare environment. I’m well-versed in medical law,” the disgruntled father said. “And in essence, they are breaking it. They feel like they can walk all over it. If a patient does not offer consent, they can not touch the patient.”

“We’re going to continue to challenge this,” he added.

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