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WATCH: Catholic Priest Assaulted by Deranged Female during Large Mass in Brazil

Christianity is being demonized more and more in the age of globalism.



Father Marcelo Rossi, a popular Brazilian priest, was attacked by a deranged woman while proceeding over mass earlier today. The woman rushed the stage and pushed him onto the floor, shocking the 50,000 Catholics in attendance.

A video of the assault can be seen here:

Thankfully, Rossi is not hurt as a result of the attack. He finished the mass after his tumble, and told his following in a YouTube video that he just had a few little pains from the push but no broken bones or serious injuries.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was sickened by the display, and issued a statement of support for Rossi following today’s incident.

“All our solidarity with Father Marcelo Rossi, God look at our Brazil,” Bolsonaro wrote in a Facebook post, translated from Portugese.

According to a news article from Folha de S.Paulo, Rossi was preaching during the closing segment of the Por Hoje Não camp, hosted by Canção Nova. Canção Nova is leading a charismatic renewal of the Catholic Church in Brazil, which is growing in popularity during a time when faith is under constant attack.

Rossi has arisen as one of the most popular religious figures in South America, regularly filling stadiums with believers desiring to hear him preach the Gospel. His albums have sold over 16 million copies, and he was even nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2002.

The Brazilian Left, still reeling from last year’s loss to Bolsonaro after an assassination attempt against the nationalist leader failed, sees Rossi as a man standing in the way of their desired annihilation of traditional values. This attack on Rossi for professing his faith comes during a time when Christianity is under severe persecution throughout the world.

A Pew research study released in April showed Christianity as the world’s most persecuted religion. They presented data showing that Christians are persecuted in 144 different countries throughout the world.

The report also showed that global hostility toward Christianity and religion in general is spiking as secular globalism spreads throughout the world like a plague.

“In many countries, restrictions on religion resulted from actions taken by government officials, social groups or individuals,” the report explained.

Of the nations they studied, 28 percent of countries demonstrated “high” or “very high” state restrictions against free religious expression in 2016. The repression is trending upward as religious liberty is quickly becoming a remnant of the past.

The assault against Rossi is emblematic of a hostile attitude that is expanding throughout the world against practitioners of the Christian faith. No believer in Christ is safe from this elevated threat of aggression, whether they are in a first-world nation, a third-world nation, or anywhere in between.

Around The World

Hostilities Explode As Armenia, Azerbaijan Fight Over Disputed Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Dozens have been killed.



Intense combat broke out between the military forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan over the weekend, with the two west Asian countries intensifying a conflict over the disputed territory known of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Reports indicate that more than thirty fighters between the two sides were killed over the weekend.

Nagorno-Karabakh’s (also known as Artsakh) pro-Armenian local government claimed that the Armenians had destroyed 20 UAV’s, 3 helicopters, and thirty tanks or fighting vehicles of the Azerbaijani armed forces.

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The Armenian ministry of defense has confirmed that more than 200 of its personnel fighting in the conflict have been wounded. It’s possible casualties could explode over the week if Azerbaijan continues its attempt to conquer towns and villages administered by the Artsakh government.

The small territory is inhabited by a majority Armenian population, who wholly support the region’s integration into Armenia. Ethnic warfare over the area first erupted in 1988 as the two nations separated from the collapsing Soviet Union, and has flared up intermittently since then.

The region is largely internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, and Azeri attempts to assert sovereignty over the mountainous region have been met with fierce resistance from the local population before. The fighting exploded over the weekend when Azerbaijan attempted to move its military personnel into the area, and it appears that the latest round of fighting has been the most vicious so far.

The warfare escalated when Armenia accused Azerbaijan of deploying artillery and airstrikes against pro-Armenian fighters in the region, with Azerbaijan claiming it only used the weapons in response to Armenian attacks of the same variety.

Armenia is Christian, and Azerbaijan is Muslim. The former has conditional backing from the Russian Federation, while Azerbaijan is staunchly supported by neighboring Turkey. Many Armenians are staunch in their defense of the region as an Armenian territory, citing the legacy of the Ottoman Empire’s genocide of the Armenian population of Anatolia following World War I.

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