WATCH: Cernovich Echoes MSNBC Joy Reid In Trashing Independent Media On Northam KKK Coverage

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Mike Cernovich echoed Joy Reid in his video commentary in which he insinuated that Big League Politics and independent media are not “reputable.”

After Big League Politics unearthed Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s appalling yearbook photo, showing one student posing in blackface and another posing in Ku Klux Klan robes, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Mike Cernovich made nearly identical disparaging remarks about our coverage.


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In his live stream, Cernovich noted that he refused to report on Big League Politics’ coverage until local mainstream media outlet Virginia Pilot ran the same story.

“Photos were circulating earlier today, they hadn’t been confirmed, so I didn’t share them,” said Cernovich, “I don’t share something of this nature unless it’s confirmed by a reputable outlet.”

Reid’s comments were eerily similar, telling viewers that she was questioning the coverage until “it eventually was confirmed by legitimate news organizations, by the Washington Post, by the Virginia Pilot.”

Prior to starting his independent media-bashing live stream, Cernovich repeatedly contacted Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca via direct messages on Twitter, first to slam Big League for watermarking our images to keep hack journalists from stealing our coverage without credit, and then demanding D’Abrosca reveal our source or surrender our evidence.

Cernovich suggested refusing to do his job as a journalist for him meant our story was a “big hoax.”

Big League Politics reported:

Fast forward to Friday. After BLP released the bombshell photo of Northam, Cernovich was miffed that he could not take the watermarked images and post them to his Twitter account without giving us due credit.

Strangely, he direct messaged me on Twitter eight times, demanding that we provide him with the original source of the information. (Cernovich could have independently corroborated the story like Virginia Pilot did hours later, but this “journalism” thing isn’t all that easy when you’re not stealing other people’s work).

“I can’t comfortably share that,” he said, as if we had asked him to share, or we needed his permission to report the news.

An hour later, he was back.

“Could someone bring a physical copy of the yearbook to a third party to verify?” he asked. “This is either a major story or a major hoax.”

It is unknown why Cernovich thinks he has become the arbiter of real versus fake media, or why he would choose to join the mainstream media in disparaging Big League Politics and other independent media.

It could just be that Cernovich did not appreciate Big League finding this scoop and denying him the ability to steal it with zero credit, and was willing to side with the opposition media until they too had to admit Big League Politics’ coverage was completely true.

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