WATCH: Chef Trolls Vegans By Carving Meat In Window

Sometimes you just find that perfect little gem on the internet that brightens your day. This, my fellow carnivores, is just that type of video.

We find ourselves on a street in Toronto, Canada watching a diligent chef educate a group of vegans on just how beautiful a dismembered carcass can look when prepared ever so!

Just like any self-owning clip posted by a frothing leftist, the gentleman behind the camera thinks he is exposing one of the most atrocious acts ever witnessed. A truly groundbreaking moment in animal rights activism in his eyes.

The only problem? The vegan commentator comes off like a possessed banshee accosting a man just trying to complete an honest days work.

A perfectly calm chef meticulously preparing a meal to be consumed by awaiting patrons juxtaposed with a babbling idiot grasping for any possible reason to make a normal sane person find outrage.

It’s hilarious and sad all at the same time. Our compliments to the chef for keeping his cool and showing vegans that meat eaters will not cower in fear to their demands!

Laugh, cry, or give a round of applause to our hero!

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