WATCH: Chris Matthews Confuses Senator Tim Scott With Democrat Candidate Live on Air

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had an embarrassing and surreal moment on Friday while covering one of the President’s ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies in South Carolina, experiencing a case of mistaken identity that may prove to go down as one of the strangest moments in cable news history.

Matthews confused Republican Senator Tim Scott with Democrat Jamie Harrison.

The strangest element of Matthew’s error was that Scott was being shown attending the Trump rally with South Carolina’s other Senator, Lindsey Graham. Harrison is currently challenging Graham for Senate in the state.

In an even stranger twist, the real Harrison was live on the air with Matthews. A truly surreal moment occurred when Matthews asked the real Harrison- a liberal Democrat- if he was at a Trump rally, hanging out with the Republican Senator he’s currently running against.

Watch the unbelievable segment here:

Jamie, I see you standing there with the guy you’re going to beat right there, maybe… Maybe, maybe…

In what universe would that make sense? Would Matthews expect to see Lindsey Graham attending a Joe Biden rally with Harrison?

It makes no sense how Matthews could have possibly imagined a Democratic Senate candidate would be merely hanging out with his Republican opponent at a Donald Trump rally.

The real Harrison was quick to correct him, stating that the individual Graham was seen with was South Carolina’s other Republican Senator. He laughed uncomfortably as Matthews was hilariously corrected.

MSNBC seems to be quickly devolving into amateur hour at the local public access township television station. Matthews was forced to apologize days ago for comparing Bernie Sanders’ resounding Nevada caucus victory to Nazi Germany’s 1940 victory over France.


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