WATCH: CNBC Anchor Asks Fauci: ‘Are You Sure Breakthrough Infections Are That Rare?’

Disgraced director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recently appeared on CNBC to discuss his opinions as a public health “expert” regarding COVID-19 shots and treatments.

A clip posted on Twitter of the segment began with a CNBC news anchor asking Fauci if the COVID vaccine is truly as effective as the government suggested it is, pointing out that many ‘breakthrough’ infections seem to be occurring, even offering her own personal anecdote.

“I’m vaccinated but I also have covid and it spread through my entire family in the past few weeks. That’s why I’m doing the show from home today and I just wonder about the public messaging around vaccinations. Three vaccinated people got covid in my house… are you too casual about the limitations of the vaccine?”

“No-uh…” interjected Fauci.

The reporter continued.

“…it does feel to me that these breakthroughs are happening, they’re happening regularly and we haven’t really seen the government pay that much attention to them or warn about them too much. The bottom line is we were still able to get it and transmit it… and the government hasn’t been warning about that.”

“Let me just give you the science and the facts,” Fauci condescendingly replied, before sharing various factoids with the audience regarding the rates of hospitalization between those who did and did not receive the COVID shot.

After Fauci concluded his statement the reporter pushed back further, pointing out that the Center for Disease Control does not track asymptomatic cases from those who take the COVID shot, which prompts further questions regarding if one can even trust the government’s claims on the shots’ efficacy.

“The CDC doesn’t even track the breakthrough infections, so how do we know that they’re happening to a small proportion and how do we know that they tend to be mild?” she asked.

“It’s not a question of whether hospitalizations and death, we know that benefit. It’s just public messaging and being transparent about the risk for vaccinated people…”

Fauci responded by claiming that the CDC will soon be doing studies to track the numbers, and then quickly pivoted to encouraging that Americans take a third booster COVID-19 shot, citing studies in Israel that say it lowers infection rates in people who had only two doses prior.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has drawn criticism from many for his seemingly politically motivated political statements, flip flops, and even lies, with the “public health expert” recently drawing heat for saying it’s ‘too soon’ for Americans to consider Christmas gatherings with their families.

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