WATCH: Confused #ProtectMueller Protester Doesn’t Know What He’s Protesting

Protect Mueller Protester Confused

A man protesting the resignation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, made at President Donald Trump’s request, was unable to clearly tell this Big League Politics writer why he was at the protest.

At the #ProtectMueller protest in Wichita, Kansas, one protester struggled to explain why he was protesting. The protest had been arranged months in advance by the powerful Democrat activist group MoveOn, and was part of a nationwide series of protests officially titled the “Nobody Is Above the Law – Mueller Protection Rapid Response.”

The protest was planned to spark nationwide action should President Trump do something MoveOn believes could threaten the integrity of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

While live streaming the event to Facebook, I interviewed one man who struggled to explain his presence at the protest.

The protester began, “I’m here because I’m upset with the… problem with the,” and after a long pause continued, “this morning, kicking out Jess Sessions, and putting in his place somebody who isn’t really, that hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, so isn’t really legitimate to be in that job.”

I then asked the protester whether he liked the job Sessions was doing, to which he promptly responded, “Nah, no. He’s uh, he’s, there’s so many problems with him, but at least he was sort of official.”

After asking what he hoped to achieve through the nationwide protest, the protester responded that he hoped “Trump will realize that, ‘Oh, I touched the hot stove, and I better not do this.'”

When asked if he thought this would aid Mueller in his investigation, he said that Mueller is “doing just fine where he is,” and after another long pause, “he just needs to carry through with his investigation, and some things are, some dominoes are gonna fall because of what he’s done.”

Responding to a final question about last Tuesday’s midterms, he expressed disappointment that Democrats lost ground in the Senate, though seemed optimistic about the two Democrat victories in the state of Kansas.

On a cold, rainy Thursday afternoon, the event attracted about 40 protesters to Old Town Square in Wichita, Kansas. The protesters began with a series of speeches, then marched around the square while chanting various slogans, most frequently “Protect Democracy,” several times before assembling in the center a second time. They remained there as a few journalists snapped photos.

As the crowd began to dwindle, an activist returned to the group, shouting loudly that one of the local television stations had just arrived. At this point the activists gathered in a semi circle and resumed chanting. The protest concluded after about 80 minutes.

The live stream of the Wichita protest can be seen on the God Emperor Trump Facebook page.

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