WATCH: Congressman Massie Unleashes BRUTAL Attack on “Trump Hater” Establishment Hack Candidate

Thomas Massie released a campaign ad taking his primary challenger Todd McMurtry to task.

McMurtry is trying to position himself as a staunch Trump supporter, but his past behavior indicates that he is being opportunistic in his campaigning.

The ad signaled that McMurtry is “even worse than a Never Trumper. Todd McMurtry is a Trump hater.”

The ad also exposed several of McMurtry’s anti-Trump comments on social media.

In a Facebook post, McMurtry said “Trump would never be my choice.”

In another post, he said “I hope the military disobeys his order and stages a coup.”

He has also posted, “Sad but true. Trump is the epitome of a weak male, just like Woody.”

On another occasion, McMurtry posted “Trump is an idiot” and he even commented, “I hate to say that Hillary is right, but he is temperamentally unqualified to be President.”


When the ad was posted on FB, Thomas Massie stated, “The establishment RINOs should have done a little more research on the candidate they recruited to run against me. Can you help get the word out? It’s going to be interesting to see who’s backing this political chameleon when the finance reports come out.”

Massie is easily the most conservative candidate in Kentucky’s 4th district.

The Kentucky congressman is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and can be relied upon to defend private gun ownership.

He is also a strong advocate of foreign policy restraint.

McMurtry represents more of the same type of establishment Republican hackery that is now jumping on the Trump train because the America First is so trendy.

For that reason, voters in Kentucky’s 4th district should give him the cold shoulder.

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