WATCH: Crazed Leftist Assaults Woman Wearing Trump Hat in Post Office

In a video that has been widely circulated on the internet, a crazed leftist put her hands on a woman wearing a Trump hat in a post office, calling her a “racist.”

“Your hat is racist!” the subject of the video can be heard yelling at the woman with the Trump hat, who was also filming the incident.

The subject of the video, who was white, put her hands on the Trump supporter on two separate occasions, and Post Office employees threatened to call the police. The Trump supporter identified herself as a Mexican-American.

“I support the President of America,” the Trump supporter said, “and if you don’t agree with that you should move somewhere else. You should move somewhere else if you don’t like it here. If you don’t like America you should move out of America. Go to Mexico. Go to Central America if you don’t like being here.”

The heated exchange ended with the crazed leftist leaving the post office.

“If I was afraid, I wouldn’t be wearing this hat in the streets for crazies like you to harass me,” the Trump supporter said before the end of the video.


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