WATCH: Crazy Shrieking Man Caught Stealing Ted Cruz Signs

A Texas man demonically shrieked while being filmed stealing the campaign signs of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from lawns in the city of Montrose.

A victim of the theft captured the perpetrator on video snatching Cruz signs off of his neighbor’s lawn after chasing the thief off of his own lawn. During the confrontation, the perpetrator stuck his face directly into the camera and screamed “I hate Ted Cruz” in a high-pitched screech. He tore up the signs and threw them on the ground.

The cameraman continued to follow the vandal to a nearby restaurant, where he was informed by the thief that “Ted Cruz does not belong in f****** Montrose,” and that he should “move to The Woodlands,” apparently a more conservative area.

After the interaction, the thief calmly walked away, as though stealing political signs was part of normal, civil political discourse.

WATCH the bizarre interaction.



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