WATCH: Creepy Joe Biden Becomes Unhinged While Talking about Children at Pennsylvania Rally

President Joe Biden had an unhinged meltdown during a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday.

Biden became agitated while talking about children, perhaps out of excitement while remembering a kid who he sniffed in the past, during his speech.

“It strips you of your dignity, dammit! Can you imagine looking at your child when you know what they need and not be able to do it?” Biden said.

His bizarre remarks can be seen here:

As Biden continues to decline cognitively, the illegitimate figurehead gets more enraged as his brain struggles to perform basic tasks.

Big League Politics has reported on how Biden cannot even answer simple, softball questions from compliant media operatives while appearing at events:

President Joe Biden dropped in on the W.S. Jenks & Son hardware store in Washington DC for a brief visit and remarks on Tuesday afternoon.

Biden spoke to the store owners about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), an emergency fund that W.S. Jenks & Son applied for and received in February because it has fewer than 20 employees. The funding allowed employees at high risk for COVID-19 to stay home while still getting paid.

Founded in 1866, W.S. Jenks & Son bills itself as “Washington’s oldest and most complete source for tools, hardware, machinery, lawn and garden care, and home improvement.”

Following Biden’s remarks at the store, reporters on site attempted to ask him questions but were quickly shooed out by his handlers. They can be heard in the video below talking over the reporters and saying “We’re gonna move out, thank you!” and “Let’s go, you guys. Come on. Thank you guys.”

It’s almost certain that they’re trying to keep the obvious cognitive decline of the president hidden as much as possible. Biden has not held a single press conference during his seven weeks in the White House. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has provided his staff with easy excuses to limit his appearances and the intrusions of reporters. It’s doubtful they can keep it up forever, though. Even left-wing biases won’t prevent some reporters from seeking answers about Biden’s lack of transparency and availability if this drags on for too long.

Biden is a national disgrace, hated by millions of Americans, and turning the country into a complete laughingstock.

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