WATCH: D.C. Man Makes Courageous Stand For Lincoln Against Left-Wing Mob

One man made a brave stand for a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the presence of a left-wing mob with intentions to destroy it, rebuke the crowd of liberal fanatics for their ignorance and intolerance of American heritage.

The Emancipation Statue depicts Abraham Lincoln in the act of freeing a slave from his chains. The statue was installed in Washington D.C’s Lincoln Park, and was funded by a group of former slaves commemorating the abolition of slavery. Iconic abolitionist Frederick Douglass had been a patron of the statue.

A lot of people are out here talking about tearing something down that they don’t even know the history of… But you want to tear it down. Because you are offended.

Left-wing rioters and vandals have quickly pivoted from targeting statues depicting figures associated with the Confederacy to attacking images not only of the founding fathers, but Abraham Lincoln himself. A left-wing riot leader had pledged to return to the statue on Tuesday to destroy it, claiming that “We tearing this m*********** down.”

Leftists are apparently incensed with the fashion in which the statue depicts a black slave, ignoring the reality that the statue displays the man being freed from the indignity of slavery. Left-wing cultural vandals have argued it features Abraham Lincoln as a “white savior.”