WATCH: David Daleidan Calls Out Gov’t Courtroom ‘Collusion’ With Planned Parenthood

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — Only weeks after New York state passed a law legalizing infanticide or “post-birth abortion,” and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam praised the new legislation, California state officials are allegedly colluding with Planned Parenthood in the prosecution of citizen journalists, according to reports.

“What you saw in court [yesterday is that] U.S. presidential candidate Kamala Harris owns everything that happened in the courtroom, and everything that’s going to continue to happen in this case,” said David Daleidan of “body parts” fame, reported LifeSiteNews after the hearing in San Francisco.

“This case was brought by Kamala Harris on behalf of Planned Parenthood and you can see the collusion in real time in the courtroom between Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation and the California Attorney General’s office weaponizing the law enforcement powers of the California Attorney General’s office to come after citizen journalism, attack the first amendment, and try and cover up for their political buddies and their campaign donors of Planned Parenthood who are under current FBI and DOJ investigation right now for selling baby body parts against the law for profit,” he added.

When asked to clarify the “collusion” in practical terms, Daleidan explained:

“You can see in every break and sometimes not even during a break the [deputy] attorney general [Johnette Jauron] is constantly going back to the lawyers for Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, consulting with them, asking them how to proceed, plotting their next moves together.”

So, what has come of these revelations? Nothing substantive, apparently.

Judge Christopher C. Hite of the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled that the 14 “secret” pro-abortion “Does” named accusing Daleiden would remain “sealed.”

Translation: “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.”

The full interview, provided courtesy of LifeSiteNews, can be viewed below. 


In related news, Big League Politics reported on the new “heartbeat” bill filed in Texas by State Rep. Briscoe Cain of Deer Park, who is also David Daleidan’s attorney. 

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