WATCH: Don Jr. Bashes Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Radical Pro-Infanticide Abortion Views

Don Jr Blasts Ralph Northam Infanticide

While warming up the crowd for President Donald J. Trump’s El Paso, Texas rally, Donald Trump Jr. slammed racist Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s pro-infanticide views and pleaded with Americans not to accept them as normal.

During a passionate 10 minute speech at President Trump’s Monday night rally, Trump Jr. thanked Americans for “being in this fight,” and told them not to accept radical leftist policies as mainstream.

“You don’t just have to take the L, you don’t have to take the loss,” Trump Jr. said, “When you see a governor, a Democratic governor of a state, talking about not even late-term abortion at this point, but post-term abortion,” he said, referring to Northam as the roaring crowd booed the radical policy.

“You know what post-term abortion is, right?” Trump Jr. asked the crowd, “That means it’s a baby, and it’s alive, but we’re gonna get rid of it now.”

“When you hear these being the policies being pushed by the leading front runners on the other side, you have to wonder where the hell their moral compass is, because I don’t think they have one.”

Trump Jr. did not mention Northam’s racist yearbook photo during his speech, even after Big League Politics broke the story and it immediately distracted many Democrats from his radical endorsement of an abortion policy that essentially amounts to infanticide.

He did, however, retweet a statement on Twitter wherein a Democrat explained that Attorney General Mark Herring should not resign in spite of his admission to wearing blackface, because it would allow a Republican to replace him.

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