WATCH: Donald Trump Predicts Justice for Jeffrey Epstein at CPAC 2015

Much ado is being made online about who should get credit for putting Jeffrey Epstein behind bars, but very few are pointing to President Trump.

As you can see in the video clip below from 2015, long before some online personalities hitched their wagon to the Trump Train, the then Chairman of the Trump Organization took direct aim at Jeffrey Epstein’s long rumored sex island in a rapid fire question about former president Bill Clinton.

“Nice guy. Got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems,” said Trump to Sean Hannity on center stage of CPAC on February 27th, 2015.

Even before the future president took the famous escalator ride to launch his presidency, Donald Trump had his eyes set on justice.

Epstein avoided justice for his alleged sex trafficking of minors under the tenure of President Bush and President Obama, but like in so many ways our current president marches to the beat of his own drum.

This is a monumental moment that could expose some of the deepest secrets that have been sealed and hidden from the American public and it wouldn’t have happened without the election of Donald Trump in 2016.


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