WATCH: Driver Rams Canadian Trucker Protest, Injuring At Least 3

At least three people have been injured in Winnipeg, Canada after the driver of a white SUV appeared to deliberately run over members of the nation’s massive Freedom Convoy. The convoy is being led by truck drivers across the nation protesting the far-left Trudeau regime’s continued draconian Covid-19 lockdowns, mask and jab mandates, and other related orders.

The attack reportedly came in the middle of the night following earlier promises by left-wingers to spend the entire weekend counter-protesting the pro-freedom convoy members. A video taken at the time of the incident appears to show a driver in a white SUV accelerating and swerving towards members of an unsuspecting crowd before running over several individuals. Current reporting indicates that emergency services in Canada responded to the scene but have yet to issue any statements on the matter.

Trudeau and other members of the Canadian Liberal Party alike have asserted on numerous occasions that Canadian citizens who choose to not take the Covid-19 jab are a threat to the nation’s way of life, even suggesting that only racists or misogynists would make such a medical decision. Some Canadians express beliefs that such radical rhetoric could very well have devastating real-world consequences; another clip recorded immediately after the suspected leftist attack shows what appeared to be a member of the Freedom Convoy lambasting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for their nasty words against Canadian freedom-lovers.

“They call us racist, [they say] we’re violent and we’re breaking stuff…look at what’s going on. This is ridiculous! [The driver] clips three people with his vehicle and decides that he’s going to hit another guy full-on, lands on the guy’s foot, and rolls off.”

“Now, this don’t make sense,” the man continued on video. “But now I have a problem with the vaxxed people, I’ll tell you that right now. Some of you vaxxed people, you’re getting really violent just because you watch the news and you listen to Justin Trudeau. F*ck Trudeau! This is some bullsh*t right here!”

Protests by the Candian freedom convoys have been inspiring to many amid the unprecedented levels of power grabs by nations around the world. Recent rumors have suggested that the United States may soon join in on the action; an American truck convoy is currently planning a cross-country stint that will start on the west coast of the United States before its final occupation in Washington, DC.

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