WATCH: Facebook Executive Actually Defends Free Speech as Corporate Media “Journalist” Begs for More Censorship

A corporate media “journalist” affiliated with Axios begs the incoming Facebook Chief Technology Officer to censor the already strict and politically biased platform even more in a segment for Axios’ HBO program, insisting that “misinformation” represents a grave and mortal threat for American democracy.

The exchange occurred between Andrew Bosworth, a Facebook engineer who was named the company’s CTO in September.

Ina Fried, a so-called journalist who supports silencing the voices of Americans who criticize their own government, continually insisted that Facebook was failing to properly police “misinformation” that she attributes to coronavirus deaths in the United States. Far more Americans have died of the Chinese coronavirus under President Joe Biden than they did under Trump, with the Democrat losing any and all credibility to speak on the matter in a bipartisan fashion after trying to institute a series of unconstitutional, demanding and unrealistic mandates upon the public.

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The individual humans are the ones who choose to believe or not believe a thing… I don’t feel comfortable at all saying they don’t get to have a voice because I don’t agree with what they said, I don’t like what they said.

Bosworth frankly admitted that Facebook’s ability to define what actually is “misinformation” is in question, an understatement of the Big Tech company’s capacity to define what actually is the truth after enforcing a track record of anti-conservative and left-wing censorship. Facebook recently admitted its authoritarian left-wing fact check feature amounts to no more than “opinion,” raising questions as to why the (frequently false) opinions of establishment liberals are provided a handicap on the platform.

Facebook has become the new target of the pro-censorship authoritarian Left, despite censoring its right-of-center users almost as much as Twitter and YouTube do.

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