WATCH: Failed Georgia Candidate Says Illegals Should Be Able to Vote

When Democrat lose elections, they rarely move on without trying to move the goalposts or change the rules in their favor. The primary example is the left and their friends in the media attempting to destroy the Electoral College after President Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election. Friday, a failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Georgia pulled the same routine.

“I wouldn’t oppose it,” said sore loser Stacey Abrams on PBS’ “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover.

Hoover asked if, in some scenarios, Abrams would be fine with illegal aliens voting.

Of course, illegals voting is nothing new for Democrats. That is the their strategy, after all. There are several examples of this happening all over the country, and experts have consistently noted that the United State’ elections are particularly susceptible to illegal voters, given that identification is not required to vote in many states.

But no Democrat has so brashly and publicly said that illegals should be able to vote. It used to be a secret. Doing so would have been taboo just a decade ago – political suicide, surely. But Democrats in the era of Trump have changed. They have become more extreme as the media has convinced them that Trump is the worst human being ever to walk the face of the earth, and that one way or another, he will kill us all. This hatred for Trump has spilled over to the rest of America that is politically right of Stalin, and panicking Democrats are attempting to pull out all the stops.

Abrams has been bitter since she lost in November to Republican Brian Kemp. She has refused to call him the legitimate governor of the state. Big League Politics reported:

After losing Georgia’s gubernatorial race – and being granted more than enough slack after the race was over to garner additional votes – Stacey Abrams still refused to admit that Brian Kemp was the “legitimate” governor-elect of Georgia in a Sunday interview.

“He is the person who won an adequate number of votes to become the governor of Georgia,” Abrams said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“He is the legal governor of Georgia. And here’s the thing, Jake, I want to be very clear – words have meaning. And yes, when he takes the oath of office he’ll be the legal governor of Georgia. He is the legal victor. But what you are looking for me to say is that there was no compromise of our Democracy and that there should be some political compromise in the language I use. And that’s not right,” she continued.


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