WATCH: Faith Goldy Bashes Toronto Mayor in New Ad

A “Canada First” candidate for Toronto mayor let loose on her incumbent opponent in a new campaign ad.

“Crime has skyrocketed on [current Mayor John Tory’s] watch,” the ad says. “This year, Toronto’s murder rate topped New York City’s.”

Much of the crime in Toronto has stemmed from a surge in radical Islamic extremists who have invaded Canada under the guise of refugeeism.

In late July, Islamist gunman Faisal Hussein, killed two and wounded 13 in a mass shooting. ISIS claimed responsibility on their official news website, Amaq. Still, Canadian authorities denied that the shooting was terror-related.

Goldy’s ad shows Tory praising diversity as a “strength” of the city, which is a line often touted by the political left.

“I think our prosperity depends on the degree to which we can embrace diversity,” he said.

The ad also addresses infrastructure problems in the city.

“Our roads and bridges are crumbling , but what does John Tory care about?” the ad asks. “Opening more safe-injection sites, making sure criminal junkies get their needles for free in a neighborhood near you.”

Toronto has implemented “safe injection sites” ensuring that drug users can get their fix with clean needles, which is supposed to prevent the spread of disease.

“It’s time to stop the insanity,” the ad finishes.



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