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WATCH: Father Challenges Daughter To Knock a Man’s MAGA Hat Off, Offers Her $100

This is how parenting works in #TheResistance



In a tweet posted on Monday by JamieR { ⭐️} Army Girl (@Jamierodr10), a video shows a father challenging his daughter to knock the MAGA hat of a young unsuspecting man and offers her $100 if she does completes the task.

In the video, with a banner that reads “F*ck Donald Trump”, the father spots a man wearing what he calls “A Make American Donald Trump Hat”, and asks his daughter, “What do we think about Donald Trump?” The daughter replies by doing a thumbs down hand sign and says “Hmmph.”

The pair appear to be in a mall and the young man wearing the hat is seen sitting with friends with his backed turned away from the duo, minding his own business and unaware of what is about to happen.

The father continues, “Listen, he’s right over here. See that red hat right there? I will give you one hundred dollars if you walk up and knock that hat off his head.” The daughter jumps into action and immediately runs over to the young man, while the father says, “Hold on, hold on. Let me get in front. Let me get in front.”

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The daughter takes a moment for the father to get in front of the unsuspecting young man so he has a better camera angle to capture the act. The daughter walks up behind the man, and knocks his iconic Make America Great Again hat from off his head and walks away laughing. All the while the father laughs and says, “F*ck Trump!” The daughter then walks back to join the father and the video closes out with the father saying, “Got em!!”

The father in the video is known on Facebook as WC Dub (Mr White C):

The anti-Trump father teaching his daughter to be intolerant of other peoples political views, invading other’s personal space, and assaulting someone by physically removing that person’s apparel is appalling. There’s so many things wrong with the actions that this father was proud to film it’s hard to know where to start. Teaching children to be bigots and that not only is it ok, but something to be celebrated, filmed and distributed online. This video has reached over 378,000 views since being uploaded on Monday.

What would the father, known as WC Dub on Facebook, have thought had the young man defended himself and reacted in a physical manner–which he had every right to do in this case? Would he have felt any responsibility for challenging his daughter and offering her money to assault this man if she’d seen a response from him rather than the young man keeping his cool?

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