WATCH: Footage Reveals Florida Beaches PACKED Despite Coronavirus Threat

Disturbing footage emerged Monday of hundreds of beachgoers congregating at a Tampa-area beach, in spite of the dangers posed by large social gatherings involving the coronavirus.

More than 137 Floridians have already been diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus. The progress of the disease in the state appears to be more advanced than it is in other American states, raising serious questions as to why hundreds of Americans believe that Monday is a perfect day to go to the beach.

It goes without saying that the group presence at the beach defies the federal government’s recommendations on social distancing, guidelines that were updated to warn Americans against attending events with more than ten people present as of Monday.

More footage from WFLA revealed beaches that are even more crowded by the general public.

We shouldn’t be congregating in mass crowds like this.

Floridans were taken aback by the sheer number of people having fun at the beach, with many calling for the state government to officially close the beaches on account of the disease risk.

This isn’t the time to be going swimming at a public beach, a venue that could prove a prime setting for the coronavirus to be spread to tourists who will take it to other American states.

The situation is sadly akin to descriptions of the virus’ spread in Italy, where public health officials describe a general public that was unwilling to stay home from the recreational group events associated with daily life.

It appears that Florida’s response to the epidemic is lagging well behind that of other states and municipalities, that have cancelled public events before as many diagnoses of the disease occurred in their communities. New Orleans police could be seen dispersing large crowds from a nightlife district on St. Patrick’s Day, having no patience for the desire for revelry among those choosing to disregard the disease.


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