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WATCH: Former Driver Of Medical Waste Co. Stericycle: “There’s A Lot Of Money In Burning Babies”



Despite having claimed last year that it ceased the disposing of aborted children’s remains, former employees of the medical waste giant Stericycle have told a pro-life group the practice continues to this day.

The company told its employees that it does not accept fetal remains in accord with its rules, and claimed last year that it stopped the practice altogether. Stericycle’s CEO Charles Alutto has denied continued involvement despite Stericycle trucks repeatedly being filmed receiving and transporting aborted babies at numerous abortion facilities across the country.

In the second of a three-video series from Created Equal, the testimony of a former Stericycle driver who witnessed an abortion facility worker preparing an aborted child to be transported for incineration can be heard.

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The former Stericycle employee went on to report that drivers had been ordered to meet abortion facility staff members at local gas stations to pick up aborted fetal remains.

When the driver asked his manager why employees had been told to turn a blind eye to the practice of picking up the fetal remains, the manager responded saying, “There’s a lot of money in burning babies.”

“Normally if something’s incinerated, especially from an abortion clinic, it’s about $800 to $900 per box,” the former Stericycle driver said in his testimony. “The motivation is there, and the motivation is money. Plain and simple.”

The former driver said on top of being incinerated, the aborted children contracted for pickup through Stericycle may also be ending up in landfills.

“I saw them (abortion facility workers) taking a fetus out of the freezer, head, legs, arms, putting it in a box and they put a yellow sticker, a shipping label on it,” the former driver said. “And that indicates incinerate that box.”

“When I started, there was a white sticker on that container which…means, that waste can go to the landfill,” he continued. “I knew that it was supposed to have a yellow sticker to be incinerated. So there’s no telling how many body parts are in the landfill.”

The former Stericycle driver, having spoken anonymously with Created Equal, is the second to offer such testimony. The first of the three-part series by Created Equal presents audio from another former driver for Stericycle who took fetal remains from an unspecified abortion center from October 2016 to June 2017 “at least twice a week.”


Stericycle is a medical waste disposal company that helped to dispose of fetal remains for Planned Parenthood, and claimed in 2017 to have stopped accepting any aborted babies whatsoever.

The company has said in the past that it doesn’t accept fetuses in accord with its regulated waste acceptance policy, which prohibits the acceptance of “complete human remains.” This would not cover the remains of aborted children, which are often times dismembered, disemboweled, and decapitated.

In 2014, Michigan abortionist Renee Chelian spoke to others in the industry during the National Abortion Federation’s annual meeting concerning the growing problem of disposal of aborted children’s remains. Her comments were captured on video and included in Created Equal’s #ProjectWeakLink campaign.

The video footage of the event shows Chelian discussing the problem of disposing aborted babies bodies and proposing solutions, admitting that before her partnership with Stericycle, “I had five months’ worth of fetal tissue in my freezers.” Chelian goes on to tell the audience that if it weren’t for the “PR nightmare,” it would be a “great idea” to burn the aborted children’s remains for energy.

Stericycle has had a longstanding alliance with the abortion industry in the collection, transportation and incineration of aborted children, including having worked with convicted “House of Horrors” abortionist Kermit Gosnell in the disposal of his aborted victims.

In 2012, Stericycle had been servicing the “secret” abortion facility of abortionist Steven Brigham, according to The Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) director Michael Marcavage, who stated, “Stericycle’s willing collaboration with abortionist Steven Brigham is sickening and indefensible, and the company is equally as culpable for aiding him in his evil deeds,” at the time of Brigham’s arrest.

Earlier in 2011, Stericycle was fined $42,000 for illegally dumping fetal remains into a municipal landfill in Texas along with commercial and household garbage.

Created Equal is asking pro-life supporters to contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto at 847-607-2004 respectfully request the company stop transporting and disposing of aborted children and abortion facility instruments

You can also click HERE to send an email to CEO Charles Alutto asking that Stericycle stop collaborating in the deaths of millions of babies by abortion.


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