WATCH: Gang of Marauding Hoodlums Attack Vehicles in New York City, Police Nowhere to be Seen

A large gang of teenagers with bicycles violently attacked vehicular traffic on the streets of Manhattan on Tuesday, with witnesses shocked that the youths would engage in mass violence with impunity.

One youth jumped onto a car’s hood and stomped with full force on the windshield, in an attack that could’ve threatened the lives of the driver and pedestrians inside.

The menace of the riotous youths was caught on camera by multiple witnesses, but the New York Police Department seemed either absent from the scene or too late to make a difference. The gang, which has been described as as many as 50 youths of various ages, fled the scene on BMX bicycles.

The youthful offenders appeared shameless about the mass vandalism and criminal damage, laughing with glee as other teenagers threw bicycles at a car for what seemed to be no reason.

It appears that some of the motorists the youths attacked in the gang assault were elderly people.

Crimes ranging from property offenses to homicide have exploded in frequency in New York City in 2020, with many commentators pointing to the summer’s mass riots and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s politically correct “racial justice” approach to policing. As the youths subjected the innocent to a violent taste of anarch0-tyranny, the Democrat was publicly shaming a woman for reporting a stolen cell phone.

Owning and carrying a firearm in the far-left city is next to impossible, with law-abiding patriots largely powerless to defend themselves if attacked by a large group.

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