Watch Georgia Police Officer Explain Why He Refuses to Kneel Before Black Lives Matter Protestors

A Georgia State Patrol officer explained in clear terms on Sunday why he refused to kneel before Black Lives Matter protestors.

Watch the officer’s interaction with a small group of BLM protestors, who appear to have asked him to kneel in conjunction with them as a political gesture.

I was supposed to be out of town this weekend with my wife… I took off this weekend, but I’m out here to make sure y’all safe. I have much respect. But I only kneel for one person… God.

Law enforcement throughout the country have been photographed kneeling and even lying down at the commands of progressive protestors, with some questioning the appropriateness of such politically charged gestures at the demand of protestors with negative views of police.

Another video that circulated over the weekend showed a police officer steadfastly refusing to kneel even as his law enforcement comrades kneeled before a crowd of chanting BLM protestors, standing his ground even as the large crowd aggressively chanted “take a knee!” at him. One police officer can be seen tugging the man’s shirt in an attempt to make him kneel in submission, but the officer refuses to bend the knee.

Kneeling has been traditionally understood in western culture as a gesture of submission and obedience, used in systems of medieval feudalism. It’s still used to this day in religious proceedings demonstrating submission towards God, but it’s relatively unprecedented for citizens of American society to kneel as an expressly political gesture, let alone law enforcement before a crowd of protestors that demand it of them.

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