WATCH: German Protesters Stand Up Against Government Lockdowns

Voice of Europe posted a number of Tweets from people taking pictures and videos at protests across Germany on April 25, 2020. Many of these protesters were fuming over the recent spate of lockdowns.

On user tweeted, “VIDEO: Thousands take to the streets of #Berlin to protest against lockdown. #lockdown #Merkel #ConfinementJour40 #BorisJohnson #BeijingBoris #Huawei #Macron #RishiSunak #China #ChinaVirus #COVID19 #pritiawful #NHS

Another user, Darren of Plymouth, commented “There have been anti-lockdown protests today in Berlin. Don’t expect to see this on the BBC tonight, just more Death, PPE. and Boris Bashing.#TurnOffTheTv

In another video, a protester was carried away by Berlin police, which another user highlighted:

“In the middle of Berlin another Saturday protest is underway against the lockdown measures introduced – and slowly being lifted – by the Germany government. #COVID19 One of the protestors was just carried away by police officers”

International news video agency Ruptly posted a video on Twitter of protesters at the Polish-German border. “Crowds gather at German-Polish border in #Zgorzelec to protest #coronavirus lockdown #Poland #Goerlitz

Euronews reported that “More than 100 people were on Saturday arrested by German police for flouting the coronavirus lockdown measures they were protesting against.”

A high-profile protest took place at Berlin’s Rosa Luxemburg square where demonstrators voiced their grievances against the Wuhan virus lockdown measures that the German government has implemented.

On the protest organizer’s website there was a demand for the government to put “an end to the state of emergency.”

In a statement, police claimed that it repeatedly asked protesters to comply with social distancing rules but was then compelled to bring in reinforcements when protesters ignored their requests.

“A total of 105 people were identified and administrative offenses and criminal proceedings for violations of the containment measures in connection with the Infection Protection Act were initiated,” the police statement read.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany has 152,438 confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus and 5,500 deaths.

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