WATCH: Gillibrand Claims, Without Evidence, President Trump Demonizes Trans Kids

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), a 2020 presidential candidate, took an unwarranted and unproven jab at President Donald J. Trump Friday, claiming that he has somehow mistreated transgender children.

“When President Trump demonizes transgender children it breaks my heart,” she said, “because I know a transgender boy in my school community and we watched him cut his hair short, we watched him dye his hair blue, we watched him change his name, we watched him tell his parents he wanted to identify as a boy.”

To be perfectly clear, there is zero evidence that Trump has ever “demonized” any transgender child. Gillibrand made that up to pander to her audience.

“That young man is the exact person who should not be demonized by the President of the United States,” she continued. “That young man is a person who the President of the United States should protect. That young man is a vulnerable young adult. He needs our love, he needs our protection, he needs us to stand by him. And this President chooses to demonize him and any other transgender person by telling them what bathroom they can go in, when he looks at our service members who ware serving bravely, and sacrificing, and putting their lives on the line, telling them their service is not needed – a service he was unwilling to give – is an outrage.”

In this pat of the faux outrage, Gillibrand continued to lie (surprise!) and totally took the speech off the rails. There is no federal law about bathroom access. That has been left to the states to decide, as it should be. The federal government has no business regulating where people do their business.

As for the the dig at Trump’s lack of military service, this reporter doesn’t remember Gillibrand suiting up in camouflage and fighting any wars for corporate America. Chalk that up to female privilege.

“So that’s one of the reasons I’m running against President Trump,” she finished. “I’m so angry that he has divided this country, demonized so many people, divided us on every racial line, religious line, socioeconomic line, harming the fabric of our soul. He’s literally tearing the fabric of this country.”

Why do I get the feeling that the upcoming Democratic Primary race is going to involve each candidate trying to prove that he or she is more hysterical than the last?

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