Watch ‘Globalist Puppet’ Elmo Actually Speak the Truth About ‘Refugees’

Infowars Screenshot

The newest “globalist puppet” attempting to guilt the nation into accepting dangerous refugees is none other than Sesame Street’s most popular muppet, Elmo — but Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars has voiced over a more factual narrative for the furry red monster.

In a literal “fake news” segment for CNN Live on Monday, Elmo spoke out about Syrian refugees demanding that they “like to play and learn just like Elmo and all his friends at Sesame street!”

The embarrassing interview was based on Elmo having visited a refugee camp in Jordan in February.

“Elmo thinks it’s important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that’s very important,” the puppet said during the propaganda skit. He also compared refugees to Big Bird, saying that it was similar to when the giant fictional bird’s nest was destroyed, “that was really sad at first. But then the whole community came and rebuilt Big Bird’s nest and it was all better,” he said.

Thankfully, the internet exists, and Watson has given the interview a more truthful reboot.

Under the CNN logo, InfoWars added “is fake news,” and the character’s commentary paints a far more dire picture of what would happen if the US were to accept more refugees from areas flooded with Islamic extremists.

“This is a complete scandal and a huge security threat,” Watson’s Elmo begins.

He continues on to say, “they’re not refugees! Half of them disappear on arrival and many of them support ISIS… and it’s partly your fault.”

“It’s not refugees fleeing war torn countries — it is fundamentally dishonest to call it a refugee crisis when it’s not,” Watson’s Elmo continues.

The CNN host then says “and they loved Elmo, they loved meeting Elmo.”

“And it’s been catastrophic!” Watson’s Elmo says.

When asked by a viewer if it was sad to meet “little boys and little girls who have lost their homes,” Watson’s Elmo explained that organizations backed by George Soros are involved in the disaster.

“If we continue these disastrous policies it is only going to get worse,” Watson’s Elmo concludes.

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