WATCH: Hail of Gunfire Fired at Louisville Police Officers as BLM Mob Storms City

At least two officers of the Louisville Metro Police Department were shot on Wednesday night in Louisville, as a Black Lives Matter mob took to the streets in response to the decision of a grand jury not to file criminal charges against officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor.

Video footage appears to show a thug opening fire with a semiautomatic weapon at a formation of the police. Members of the mob immediately turned and began to run as the hail of gunfire rang out through the city streets.

Oh, they shot guns at ’em! Oh, s***, they shooting guns at them, real guns! They blasting at the police!

Here’s a video in which the first occasion of gunfire of the evening can be heard, with at least four rounds being fired.

The Louisville Police would later confirm that two officers have been transported to the Louisville University Hospital, and that one is currently in surgery. A suspect has reportedly been apprehended in the shooting, but he or she hasn’t yet been named.

President Donald Trump offered the assistance of the federal government to Kentucky governor Andy Beshear after being notified of the two shootings.

Black Lives Matter is a reliably terroristic and violent movement. You can almost guarantee that someone’s going to be shot, seriously injured, or that private property will be ransacked and destroyed every single time they take to the streets in these sorts of mob actions.

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