WATCH: “I Don’t Want The Sheriff at My Funeral,” Hot Mic From Cop on Night of Vegas Shooting

It has been nine months since the Las Vegas shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in modern day U.S. history, and the public has yet to receive an answer as to why Stephen Paddock allegedly massacred 58 people from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Despite being the worst mass shooting in US history, the Las Vegas Metropolitan police Department (LVMPD) under Sheriff Joe Lombardo, along with the FBI Las Vegas has shown an extreme lack of transparency and incompetence with regards to the Las Vegas shooting. It has been nine months since the Las Vegas shooting, and the public has still not been given a motive, even as authorities are slowly releasing audio and video in disorganized, but scheduled Wednesday court ordered releases.

There have been a total of 12 document & video dumps since a Las Vegas judge issued a court order, ordering LVMPD to release footage and other information from the night of the shooting.

In the 11th batch of videos that were released on July 18th, 2018, an LVMPD officer who responded to the scene of the shooting can be heard telling other LVMPD officers, “”I’m worth more dead than I am alive. I’m worth $1MILLION dead. Like I said, I don’t want the Sheriff at my funeral.”


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The hot mic moment of the LVMPD officer (which he probably never thought would be released to the public) further demonstrates the lack of support for Sheriff Lombardo in Las Vegas, even among his own officers, who don’t want the disgraced Sheriff to be present for their funerals if they die on duty.

In April, an official vote that was conducted among rank and file officers within LVMPD determined that Sheriff Lombardo would not be endorsed for re-election by the Las Vegas Police Association. 82% of LVMPD officers rejected Lombardo for another term as Sheriff, which confirmed the overwhelming disproval rate of Lombardo within his own department.

Although Lombardo secured a second term as Sheriff in June, his inability to secure an endorsement from Las Vegas police officers, along with this newly released police body camera footage reveals a strong contempt for the sitting Sheriff among Las Vegas law enforcement. The contempt for Lombardo that has been expressed by LVMPD officers is shared by both local Las Vegas residents and concerned Americans who are less than satisfied with Lombardo’s performance.

Sheriff Lombardo’s poor handling of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting has made him a figure of national scrutiny and arguably one of America’s most hated Sheriffs. Lombardo’s lack of transparency concerning the Las Vegas shooting, his fabrication of the official shooting timeline, along with his disregard for freedom of the press has caused extensive damage to LVMPD’s reputation.

During his first term as Clark County Sheriff, Lombardo was clouded in controversy and scandal due to his poor handling of high profile cases such as the Cliven Bundy arrest, the Las Vegas shooting, and most recently, his attempted cover-up of a string of MS-13 gang killings by illegal immigrants in Las Vegas.

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