WATCH: Ilhan Omar Calls Trump ‘Xenophobic Tyrant,’ Accuses Him of ‘Terror’

An embattled freshman congresswoman from Minnesota bashed President Donald J. Trump, calling him a “tyrant” Wednesday over his policy of banning travel from seven majority-Muslim nations.

“We’re here to say, in this country, we are no longer going to stand for a xenophobic tyrant to continuously reign terror on our communities,” Rep Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said.

“What we are saying is that this policy that is going to be a stain on our history once and for all needs to end,” she said later.

Trump’s policy was challenged, but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court.

Another point of contention for Omar and her fellow leftist youngsters in Congress is what is now being described as a “crisis” at the U.S. Southern border, despite the fact that the political left denied there was any crisis at all months ago in order to spite Trump’s efforts to secure the border. The lawmakers are upset about living conditions of illegal aliens and migrants detained on the southern border, though the policy for housing such people has not significantly changed since the Obama administration. Still, Democrats like Omar are ascribing what they perceive as inhumane treatment of migrants to Trump.

Omar has been engulfed in scandal since mainstream right-wing media finally picked up a story first reported by conservative Minnesota blogs in 2016, and then subsequently by Big League Politics in 2018. There is significant evidence to show that Omar might have married her brother in an immigration fraud scheme, as well as evidence of potential tax fraud.

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