WATCH Jim Acosta Gets Mad When Secret Service Doesn’t Recognize Him

Jim Acosta, Facebook

CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta obviously feels that Secret Service should recognize him because he is Jim Acosta.

Even though Acosta ruined the White House Easter egg roll for children by screaming at the president, among other stunts, some people who protect the White House still don’t know who he is, and that seems to bother him.


Big League Politics’ Luke Rohlfing reported:

In a recent interview, Jim Acosta of CNN railed against President Donald Trump’s treatment of the media, stating that one of his crazy supporters is going to hurt a member of the media because of it.

Acosta stated that much of America don’t understand that Trump and his Administrations negative statements against the media are nothing more than “an act.” He also went on to attack Donald Trump’s supporters, stating that many of them “don’t have all their faculties in some cases,” and that “their elevator may not hit all floors.”

Jim Acosta’s frustrations with Donald Trump come from him referring to his outlet, among many many others, as “fake news.” He’s also likely frustrated due to the fact that Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become famous for her snubbing of CNN, oftentimes ignoring them all together at press briefings.

But while Acosta may be upset at Trump and his Administrations anger at CNN, he refuses to acknowledge how his behavior plays into that. Earlier this month, Acosta used the annual White House “Easter Egg Roll” as an opportunity to grill the President on DACA as he was attempting to talk with the children in attendance.

CNN is just upset that they don’t have a President that plays to their left-wing agenda.

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