[Watch] Joe Biden Berates Tom Steyer Supporter: “Vote for Somebody Else”

Joe Biden dealt with a Tom Steyer supporter concerned with his track record on climate change in a dismissive fashion during an Iowa event on Tuesday.

Almost immediately when Biden was questioned by the man in regards to his policy views on the construction of new oil and gas pipelines, he told him to “vote for somebody else.

The interaction was caught on camera.

Biden automatically assumed the man was a Bernie Sanders supporter, demonstrating that the former Vice President and septuagenarian is preoccupied with the Vermont socialist senator as he eclipses Biden, taking a decisive lead in early primary and caucus states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

The perturbed Democrat was clearly caught off guard when the man made it clear he was a Tom Steyer supporter. Biden did respond by pointing out Steyer’s hypocrisy on environmental issues, truthfully stating that the billionaire vanity candidate had profited to the tunes of millions of dollars off of coal and natural gas facilities.

The former Vice President got relatively physical and touchy with the Democratic voter, touching his chest and body several times throughout the interaction.

Biden has used this line before, telling a radical open borders protestor incensed with the Obama administration’s immigration record to “vote for somebody else.” He even told the leftist that they should “vote for Trump.

Perhaps Biden shouldn’t be surprised that he’s finding himself lagging behind other Democratic candidates such as Sanders when he’s so casually flippant about appealing to those who don’t plan on voting for him. Biden may regret his directive for Democratic voters “vote for somebody else” if they do exactly that en masse, making Biden one of the first Vice Presidents in American history to lose a presidential primary of his own party.

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