WATCH: Joe Biden Heckled Over Dismal Trade Policy Record At Detroit Rally

Protestors at Joe Biden’s Detroit rally unveiled banners exposing the Democratic frontrunner’s dismal record on trade policy, having supported all of the terrible trade and outsourcing arrangements that have decimated middle-class manufacturing jobs in the midwestern state.

Watch video of the display here:

The former Vice President took to immediately likening the labor protestors to ‘Bernie Bros’ and simultaneously asking if they had been sent to the event by Donald Trump.

The protestor’s banners delivered a clear message on their opposition to Biden, stating that ‘NAFTA Killed Our Jobs’ and that ‘Biden Betrayed Workers.’

Joe Biden has in fact spearheaded the globalist push for trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Such global trade agreements have gutted the industrial and manufacturing sectors of states such as Michigan, a reality that Donald Trump called attention to in 2016 in order to become the first Republican to win the state in a Presidential election in a generation.

Bernie Sanders also has a track record of opposing Biden’s disastrous trade deals. But polls thus far do indicate that Biden leads Sanders handily for the primary in the midwestern state, which will occur in Tuesday.

Should Biden win the nomination, the Democratic Party will have once more nominated a candidate with a clear track record in support of Hillary Clinton’s infamous globalist vision– “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

Those weren’t the only protestors who interrupted the event, either. Reports indicate that Biden’s rally was disrupted more than once by pro-worker protestors who oppose the career politician’s lifelong record in support of outsourcing and globalist trade deals.

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