WATCH: Joe Biden Struggles to Read Scripted Answers off a Teleprompter During An INTERVIEW

Joe Biden appeared to use a teleprompter during an interview last week. Not a campaign speech- but an interview!

Biden had to turn to a campaign handler who was directing him off screen, saying that he “lost that line.” Is he a candidate running for President of the United States, or an actor repeating his predetermined lines?

In the interview, Biden told Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart that he wouldn’t deport anyone but convicted felons during his presidency, setting up a de facto open borders system within the United States in which the vast majority of illegal aliens would face no legal consequences for violating immigration laws.

The left-wing open borders pledge on the part of Biden may have been a mistake, with the Democratic nominee incorrectly reading something off of his teleprompter.

It’s seemingly unprecedented for a presidential candidate to use a teleprompter during an interview, in which candidates are supposed to be answering questions from media using their own intuition. Biden has proven to be highly dependent on the use of the speech devices, with images from a teleprompter reflecting onto glass screens that he has held in digital campaign appearances.

Almost all of his campaign appearances that don’t seem highly scripted don’t last very long, with Biden often ending speeches after fifteen or twenty minutes. President Trump gives largely off-the-cuff campaign speeches that last over an hour all the time.

Additional photography of the interview all but reveals that Biden was utilizing a teleprompter during it.

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