WATCH: John Fetterman’s Many Lowlights From Last Night’s Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Debate

The U.S. Senate campaign of far-left gargoyle John Fetterman may have taken a death blow during yesterday’s debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz as Fetterman struggled to put together a coherent sentence at any point during the debate.

Fetterman has been leading in the polls for months, but that may not last for long after the mask was finally ripped off during yesterday’s debate. Fetterman’s lack of cognitive abilities make “President” Mush-Brained Joe Biden look sharp as a Ginzu by comparison.

Here are some of Fetterman’s worst lowlights from the debate:

In the aftermath of the debate, Dr. Oz has surged up in the PredictIt betting markets as people realize that Fetterman is perhaps the most inept, unfit U.S. Senate candidate in political history.

Oz has gone from being a long shot who was struggling mightily to gain support among Pennsylvania voters with Fetterman as the front runner to the strong favorite to win the U.S. Senate seat, according to the betters:

Big League Politics reported on how Fetterman ducked a debate with Dr. Oz for weeks heading up to this disaster, for reasons that are now abundantly clear:

Dr. Memhet Oz, the celebrity doctor who Trump backed as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, is urging his opponent to step up and debate.

Oz is challenging his Democrat opponent John Fetterman to five separate debates. Fetterman is attempting to fly under the radar despite his questionable health and cognitive ability, Biden-style, into the U.S. Senate.

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