WATCH: Kaitlin Bennett Defends Iconic Gun Graduation On ‘Fox And Friends’

Kaitlin Bennett, recent graduate of Kent State University, appeared on “Fox and Friends” Thursday to discuss her iconic photo holding an AR-10 at her college graduation.

Bennett is a writer for Liberty Hangout who has tapped into the libertarian-minded wing of the conservative youth movement, which she believes have been neglected by other conservative groups.

Bennett in her interview presented herself as a serious activist in a segment that could have been slated to be a “College Student of the Week”-type hit. She established that she knows guns better than her detractors — including a male “Vice” reporter who claimed her gun was the biggest he’d ever seen that was not attached to a tank.

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Bennett was recently condemned on Facebook by her own college’s political science professor. Big League Politics reported:

Kent State University student activist Kaitlin Bennett was attacked by a professor at her own university, who said on Facebook that she “does NOT belong to Kent State.”
Bennett staged a pro-gun demonstration on campus which was greeted by left-wing anti-gun protesters.

Here is the assistant professor of political science Gabriella Paar-Jakli condemning the Kent State student conservative:


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