WATCH: Kamala Harris Duped by Online Pranksters Impersonating Greta Thunberg in Prank Call

The Sun has published video of a prank call in which Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is tricked by two Russian radio hosts into believing she’s talking with 17-year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Watch the prank call here:

The pranksters ask Kamala Harris if she’s going to “arrest” them at one point near the end of the call, raising serious questions as to why the California Senator didn’t terminate the call when it was obvious they were hoaxsters. Harris had seemed suspicious over the line of questioning the individual who was supposed Thunberg was providing, trying to politely end the call.

Harris, who took the call while she was running for President, was apparently told that the adult man speaking on the call was Thunberg’s father. The failed candidate seemed to believe there was a chance she would secure Thunberg’s endorsement.

She may have recognized that the Thunberg impersonator’s accent was more noticeably Russian than it was Swedish. Harris encourages the woman who is supposedly Thunberg in her activism, impersonating a teen who has claimed that a climate apocalypse.

These pranksters have tricked significant world leaders into compromising phone calls before, most recently getting British royal Prince Harry to rant against President Donald Trump and revealing his hard-liberal sympathies.

If these neoliberal Democrats are so terrified over supposed Russian tricksters and political interference, maybe they should start by verifying who they’re talking to on the phone.

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