WATCH: Kamala Harris Says Jacob Blake, Charged With Sexual Assault, “Incredible” After Hospital Visit

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris praised Wisconsin’s Jacob Blake and his family after a hospital meeting with them, stating that the Blake family is “incredible” and lauding

Harris called the Blake family an “incredible family,” stating that her meeting with them was “wonderful.”

They’ve endured, and they do it with such dignity and grace. They’ve carried a lot of voices on their shoulders.

Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by a Kenosha Police officer when he was resisting arrest with an outstanding warrant for felony sexual assault. Blake is being charged with breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s home, sexually assaulting her in graphic terms, and stealing a car and property. He pulled a knife on several police officers trying to apprehend him before reaching into his car for what could’ve been another weapon, with his police shooting setting off race riots in Kenosha and around the country.

Jacob Blake Sr. has also made some extremely distasteful comments about Jews and white people, in one case stating that those murdered in the heinous Pittsburgh synagogue massacre had received a “warning.”

The Blake family don’t seem like “incredible” people at all. Joe Biden himself has already jumped the gun and called for criminal charges against the police officer that shot Blake, all but ignoring the fact that the fugitive was in possession of a lethal weapon when he was resisting arrest.

These people are apparently moral paragons of society according to the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.

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