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WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Says ‘We’re Accepting Apologies Today’ After Mueller Report Release

Conway also said President Trump is in a great mood following the release of the Mueller Report.



Kellyanne Conway Accepting Apologies Today

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald J. Trump, spoke to the media this morning regarding the release of the redacted Mueller Report, telling journalists the president is in a very good mood and that the administration is “accepting apologies today” for the two years of hysteria and lies.

Conway told the media that the report, which was redacted with help from Robert Mueller’s team, “makes very clear that this White House, and this president, and none of us got in their way,” and that they cooperated fully.

“Every request that they issued was actually responded to and fulfilled.”

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She said it should end the #RussiaGate hysteria, and told the media that she and the White House are “Accepting apologies today, too, for anyone who feels the grace in offering them,” adding that “there was no collusion, and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any Russians.”

Conway also revealed that President Trump is in high spirits today with the release of the exonerating report.

“Honestly it’s time to move on, total exoneration,” said Conway. “The president’s in a great mood.”

She also slammed members of the media for fantasizing about President Trump’s family and members of his administration being arrested, and said they should be ashamed for spreading these rumors throughout Washington, D.C. and in print and on television.

Hammering home that there was no collusion, Conway said “I know that was the promise and the wish of many people, many people who for some reason you give a lot of air time and ink to, who have zero credibility now, who promised collusion, who swore there would be criminal conspiracy,” said Conway.

She continued, lambasting those “Who would whisper in my ear that my colleagues or members of the Trump family, or both, would be headed to jail, would be indicted by the grand jury, would be taken to prison.”

“I mean, that’s really a disgrace.”

The president’s advisor and long time confidante at one point held up a copy of the Mueller report and gestured toward the cameras.

“This is the success of the Democrats in the first 100 days of Congress,” said Conway holding up the papers, “Here it is. There’s nothing.”

Campaign 2020

#DETROITLEAKS — Poll Trainer Explains How Challenged Ballots are Placed Into Tabulator and Lost in the Shuffle



A common thread throughout the audio from the #DetroitLeaks is keeping poll challengers at bay and not allowing them to interfere in a process that the trainers even admit are rife with opportunities for mischief and fraud.

One audio clip shows a trainer telling poll workers to feed challenged ballots into the tabulator. This is different than how the challenged ballots were processed in the past. Previously, they had to be separated for further analysis. Now, they go directly into the tabulator and it has not been explained how these ballots will be differentiated from non-challenged ballots with any effectiveness.

“They might have you challenge the ballot. That’s fine. The challenged ballot goes where? The tabulator. They can’t follow voters back to the voting booth, or bother the voters,” she explained.

Once the challenged ballot goes into the tabulator, it will be virtually impossible for it to be separated from the non-challenged ballots. This appears to be another way the system is rigged to prevent challengers from being able to effectively oppose massive electoral fraud.

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The instructor also gave instructions seemingly meant to specifically combat conservatives who are concerned with the legitimacy of absentee ballots.

“They can also challenge your procedure. What procedure do you think they are going to challenge? The absentee voter procedure,” she said.

The entire clip can be seen here:

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