WATCH: Kia Airs Pro-America ‘The Great Unknowns’ Commercial During Superbowl LIII

Kia Superbowl Ad Great Unknowns

Korean car manufacturer Kia may have taken the cake for the most pro-America advertisement during this year’s Superbowl with its “The Great Unknowns” commercial celebrating the rural Americans who make America great.

The advertisement features halting music and a child’s arresting voice over that describes the lives of rural Americans in the small Georgia town where Kia owns a factory.

“We are not famous. There are no stars on the sidewalk for us. No statues for our honor. We’re just a small Georgia town of complete unknowns. The closest thing to a world stage is 81 miles away,” the child says, “Our movie stardom, our football careers, they never kick off.”

“Because we’re not known for who we are, we hope to be known for what we do,” said the child, referencing the automobiles manufactured in the small town, “What we build, this thing we’ve assembled, it has a chance to be remembered.”

“No we are not famous, but we are incredible. And we make incredible things.”

The commercial offered a stunning rebuke to the usual left-wing talking points expressed in the advertisements, and is already being praised as one of the best commercials of the evening.

Superbowl LIII also offered another surprise in the form of a five-man sign wave encouraging viewers to subscribe to top YouTube star PewDiePie, with fellow content creator MrBeast taking credit for the stunt.

Big League Politics reported:

In the first half of the Superbowl, cameras spotted five fans of YouTuber PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, encouraging viewers to subscribe to the YouTube giant to prevent the YouTube channel of Indian mega-corporation T-Series from surpassing him in viewers.

Fellow YouTube creator Mr Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, previously told fans to make sure to watch tonight’s Superbowl, leading some to believe there may be a pro-PewDiePie advertisement some time within the program.

However, as such an ad would cost $35 million to run nationally, MrBeast confirmed on Twitter that this was his scheme all along.

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