WATCH: Laura Loomer Projects Names of the Banned Onto Twitter Jack’s House, Brings Copy of Lawsuit

Loomer Banned Jack Dorsey Project

Conservative activist and journalist Laura Loomer, who was banned from Twitter last year after the Council on American Islamic Relations lobbied the big tech platform, projected the names of banned individuals onto the home of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey this week to bring awareness to the tech censorship crisis.

Equipped with a laptop and projector, Loomer projected the names including Alex Jones, Infowars, Thomas Wictor, Meghan Murphy, Sabo, Anthony Cumia, Sargon of Akkad and others who have been purged from Twitter onto the garage door of Dorsey’s home. It scrolled through the various names, and the #StopTheBias hashtag popularized by President Donald J. Trump last year.

Loomer was banned last year after making comments critical of Rep. Ilhan Omar. Big League Politics reported that the tech giant was lobbied by CAIR to ban Loomer after the comments, and that Twitter complied with their wishes.

Police eventually arrived after a neighbor complained about Loomer’s protest, though they did not arrest her and instead merely asked her to reduce her volume and leave at a reasonable time. She had not broken any laws.

Loomer also brought a copy of the lawsuit she has filed against Twitter for banning her from the platform in a sealed envelope.

“I’m a generous person, I’m a nice girl,” said Loomer. “I decided to bring Jack Dorsey a copy of my lawsuit, because like I said, I’m suing Twitter, and I’m suing CAIR.”

She also included a copy of an interview Dorsey participated in with Rolling Stone, in which he encouraged protesting and activism.

In addition to Twitter, Loomer was among those banned last week on Facebook and Instagram after Facebook designated several prominent conservatives “hate figures.” Also among those designated “dangerous” by Facebook were Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulos.



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