WATCH LIVE: CPAC Polling Reveals President Donald Trump Dominating 2024 GOP Primary

Polling released by McLaughlin and Associates during CPAC on Sunday reveals that President Trump is easily winning a tentative 2024 Republican Primary, should be choose to run.

President Trump would stand to win 55% in respective state primaries, according to citizens at the conservative conference who were asked about 2024.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, thought of by some as a successor to Trump, garnered 21% of the vote. DeSantis was also the winner of a poll that asked voters who they’d pick if Trump weren’t running, securing a plurality of 43%.

Pollster Jim McLaughlin presented the data on stage at CPAC, revealing the Republican Party to be wholly Trump’s party in the aftermath of his first term in office and the 2024 election.

Nikki Haley, a favorite of the old Republican establishment, lacks grounding in a tentative 2024 primary without Trump, running well behind Donald Trump Jr. and the frontrunner DeSantis.

Trump is scheduled to speak at CPAC within the hour. It’s still unclear if the 45th President will seek to become the second in US history to serve two non-consecutive terms in office, following Democrat Grover Cleveland who served in the late 19th century. Trump has suggested he’s interested in running, but has expressly declined to announce a comeback presidential campaign thus far, stating it’s too early for campaign announcements.

Watch President Trump’s first public speech since departing the White House, streaming live on Rumble.

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