Watch LOSER Paul Ryan’s Sad Little Farewell Speech

Speaker Paul D. Ryan Jr. (R.-Wis.) (Courtesy of the Ryan campaign Facebook page)

Disgraced outgoing House speaker Paul Ryan is leaving the way he came in: like a sniveling inconsequential quisling who will not be remembered by history.

Here is Ryan’s farewell speech on the floor of the House, which could not come soon enough for conservatives who watched this grifter sign off on omnibus after omnibus that funded Planned Parenthood. His millennial half-beard, similar to Ryan from “The Office,” was present on his face as he delivered one more tired recitation of his plucky paperboy shtick.

Hey, Paul Ryan, remember this awesome Drudge link I got on October 8, 2016, when you were trying to sandbag Trump? Remember when those protesters shouted you down at your fake “Harvest-Fest,” and the plot to knock Trump off the ticket got foiled in real time? Remember that, Paul Ryan? I do.


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