WATCH: Man Reportedly Records Portland Drug Addicts Shooting Heroin on Sidewalk

Portland Heroin Use Public Sidewalk

An independent video journalist recorded two Portland residents allegedly preparing to inject heroin on a public sidewalk.

In the latest example of Portland’s societal decay, Brandon Farley, the same Portland video journalist who recorded Portland Antifa take over a downtown street and conduct traffic, claims to have recorded two addicts preparing to inject heroin on a public sidewalk.

In the video, the journalist first notices a large cardboard box turned on its side. A man’s head briefly appears above the box, and then immediately darts back under. As the journalist walks toward the box, a man and woman are revealed crouching behind the box, huddling over what appear to be several plastic bags under the box. As the camera continued to approach the two alleged drug users, one became agitated and chased after Farley.

“You’re gonna shoot up in public?” Farley then accused the man after being chased away from the box.

“Shoot up?” The man replied, “What, like drugs?”

“Yeah, shoot up heroin, isn’t that what you were doing?” Farley continued his questioning of the man, “Isn’t that what that rig is for over there?”

Continuing to claim ignorance, the suddenly less agitated man claims the “rig is for [his] lady’s insulin.”

The video reveals the event took place feet away from Portland’s New Avenues for Youth, a non-profit providing services to at-risk children and teens in the area.

Portland and Oregon have become a magnet for anti-Trump demonstrations, clashes between patriot groups and Antifa, child sexual abuse cases involving Antifa, and has repeatedly come under fire for showing imagery of President Trump being killed or assassinated, as happened in an anti-ICE demonstration and in the window of a Portland business.

Most recently, Project Veritas exposed Oregon Governor Kate Brown over serious allegations regarding missing state funds.


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