WATCH: Mask Fanatic Attacks, SPITS on Senior Citizen for Declining Mask on Atlanta Flight

Video footage of a flight from Tampa Bay, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia reveals a hysterical and violent woman attacking a senior citizen for declining to wear a face mask. The video was uploaded on Christmas Eve by a Twitter account called ATL Uncensored.

In a remarkable display of hypocrisy, the man’s assailant wasn’t even wearing a mask as she berated and attacked the elderly gentleman for declining a bib, stating that she’d only put one on when he did. The hysterical assailant responded to being labeled a “Karen” by spitting in the elderly gentleman’s face, punching him, and scratching him on the face, all while claiming he was endangering others to the risk of coronavirus.

A clip from the video shows police cars arriving at the scene of the aircraft’s landing, with a voice indicating the mask assailant faced arrest for her crimes. The woman had ignored a question from flight attendants asking her if she wanted to be met by police when the plane landed, going on to assault a brave senior citizen standing up to mask silliness and scientific ignorance.

Cloth masks are little more than useless against deterring the spread of coronavirus, contrasting with vaccines in lacking any demonstrated utility to protect against the disease.

The woman is yet to be named, with the status of criminal charges against the thug yet to be formally announced.

This fool might’ve been drunk and saw an opportunity to impose her own paranoia and antisocial tendencies upon another plane passenger.

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