WATCH: Matt Gaetz’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ Interview on Sessions and Spy Scandal

Rep. Matt Gaetz of the House Judiciary Committee said Monday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has “Stockholm Syndrome,” and gave viewers more details about the House’s investigation into the FBI spying on the Trump campaign by Stefan Halper and others.

The White House is in the dark regarding some new information about the Deep State’s spying on the President Donald Trump campaign.

Who is to blame for the fact that the White House and our president — the target of this spying — are not fully briefed?

Rep. Matt Gaetz explained on Fox News Monday that the House has “additional information” that the president has not seen regarding the spying scandal.

What does that mean? It means the House knows more than the White House (at least according to Gaetz’s comments on television) and that the House is doing more than Trump’s own administration to get to the bottom of the spying scandal.


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