WATCH: Miami Beachgoers Explain Why They’re Celebrating Despite Coronavirus, “I’m Here to Party”

CBS News interviewed revelers present at a Miami beach on Monday, finding that there’s no shortage of younger Americans who are unconcerned about the potential of a Chinese coronavirus epidemic. The street interviews revealed that many young adults are moving forward with their spring break entertainment plans.

Watch the flippant beachgoers here:

It’s really messing up my spring break. What is there to do here other than go to the bars of the beach? And they’re all closing because of it.”

You don’t think that they might be closing for a reason?

Photo and video evidence reveals that thousands of people have continued to patronize Florida’s beaches despite the federal government’s social distancing guidelines that suggest for Americans to avoid gatherings of more than ten people.

Florida itself has already incurred more than 130 cases of the coronavirus, a presence that is greater than that of some other large states.

Certainly there’s a case be be made that the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus scare is causing more damage than it’s worth. But the cavalier attitude of Miami’s beachgoers suggests that there truly are Americans who are flippantly disregarding the threat that the virus poses.

Unfortunately, should some of Miami’s spring breakers prove unfortunate to transmit the disease during their vacation, they probably won’t be the ones to pay the most serious consequences because of it. Young adults aren’t at significant risk of dying of the disease, but they could bring the virus to environments where vulnerable older Americans contract it and lose their lives.

At times criticism of the millennial generation is overblown, but the footage of careless revelers is quite an embarrassing showing for young Americans.


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