WATCH: Military Veteran Calls Out ‘Stolen Valor’ by Leftist Ballot Campaign to Destroy Election Integrity in Michigan

An Afghanistan war veteran has released a video blowing the whistle about “stolen valor” happening in the advertising campaign pushing Proposal 2, using veterans in their ads, claiming that military personnel have a difficult time voting under current law.

Afghanistan war veteran and former Congressional candidate Thomas Norton of Rockford states that military personnel are given every opportunity to vote in a safe, secure and proven process.

Proposal 2, which is on the ballot in Michigan during this year’s midterm elections, would weaken safeguards and implement different “reforms” that will enable widespread fraud, such as banning mandatory voter ID, allowing private funding of election infrastructure, and weakening signature verification standards.

“Proposal 2 doesn’t do anything to advance federal law that is already in place. In fact, what it does, is it weakens Voter ID laws, it allows ballot harvesting to become legal, it makes it so drop boxes are not secure, and it destroys the strength of the American voters’ vote,” Norton said in the video.

“In fact, it is so unpatriotic, you have to think about the millions of Americans that died for the right to vote to be secured. There is nothing more insulting to us veterans than for the vote to be weakened, and for us to be exploited on something that is untrue,” Norton added.

The video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the extreme corruption occurring in Michigan’s elections, particularly in the gangster third-world hellscape of Detroit:

A new election fraud lawsuit filed in Michigan by Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo and members of election integrity activist groups references Relia-Vote, a computerized ballot production and analysis program that also conducts signature verification.

The lawsuit alleges problems with election procedures that are taking place across the state, in particular the TCF Center in Detroit, which was the major fraud center during the 2020 presidential election. The lawsuit was filed against Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, the woman who directly oversaw the steal in 2020. The claimants are calling for mandatory ID to be presented for all Detroit residents to be able to vote.

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